3 Best Backpacks for School

Hey there backpack fans and welcome to my post where we will check out my three best backpacks for school to keep those books safe this year. One of the most crucial aspects of school for many a student is being equipped with the right backpack to carry all of their books, papers and other essentials. Not only does it need to be spacious, but it should also be comfortable and durable enough to last the entire school year as well.

And of course it has to be easy to clean – especially when that moldy apple is found at the bottom after a long school break. So for those of you in the market for a good backpack for your schooling needs, I have had a good look around and come up with three decent options below.

Let’s check them out…

My Three Recommended Backpacks for School

My Three Recommended Backpacks for School

I will review these in more detail below however if you want to get moving without all the carry-on, my recommended products are listed here for your convenience: 

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What are Backpacks for School?

Backpacks for school are bags made to carry books, supplies and other essentials required for academic activities. They should be practical, comfortable and durable, making them suitable for students of all ages from elementary school right through to college.

These backpacks come in various sizes and designs to cater to different students’ needs and preferences and usually feature multiple compartments and pockets that allow for easy organization of books, laptops, water bottles, pens and other school supplies.

Some backpacks for school have additional features such as padded sections for laptops, built-in charging ports for electronic devices, reflective materials for safety and breathable materials to prevent sweat accumulation as well.

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What Should You Be Looking For?

The following factors should be considered as you look around for a good backpack for your schooling needs.

  1. Size and capacity
  2. Comfort
  3. Durability
  4. Compartments and pockets
  5. Ease of cleaning
  6. Additions

Size and capacity

In terms of size, school backpacks usually come in different dimensions to cater to students of different ages and body sizes. You should consider the size of the backpack relative to your height and weight to ensure it is comfortable to carry. A backpack that is too big or too small can cause discomfort, back pain and even affect posture.

Capacity refers to the amount of space inside the backpack. It is advisable to select a backpack that can hold all your school essentials comfortably. It should be spacious enough to carry your textbooks, notebooks, laptop, water bottle, snacks and any other necessary items as well.

To determine the right size and capacity for your school backpack, consider your school’s requirements and your daily schedule. For instance, if you have to carry your laptop to school, you will need a backpack that can accommodate it and any additional accessories comfortably.


The following are crucial factors to consider regarding comfort:

  • Padded Shoulder Straps: Look for a backpack with padded shoulder straps and this distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders, reducing the pressure on your shoulders and neck.
  • Back Panel: This feature should be padded as well, providing cushioning and ventilation. A well-padded back panel can prevent pressure points from forming on your back, while ventilation can help prevent sweat buildup and odor.
  • Weight Distribution: The weight of the backpack should be distributed evenly across your back to prevent back pain or injury. An uneven load can cause discomfort and strain on your shoulders, neck, and back.
  • Adjustable Straps: These straps should be adjustable to fit your body size and shape. An adjustable backpack ensures a customized fit, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain.
  • Hip Belt: This item is an additional feature that can help distribute the weight of the backpack evenly. A hip belt transfers some of the backpack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips, reducing the pressure on your upper body.


School backpacks are exposed to daily wear and tear and they need to withstand the demands of daily use, transportation, and storage. Look then for backpacks made from high-quality materials such as nylon, polyester or canvas as these materials are sturdy, water-resistant and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Additionally, the seams should be reinforced to prevent them from tearing or fraying easily ensuring that the backpack can withstand the weight of your school essentials and any other items you may need to carry.

best backpacks for school - college students wearing backpacks

Compartments and pockets

A backpack with enough compartments and pockets ensures that you can organize your school essentials efficiently, making it easier to find what you need quickly. Here are some of the pockets and compartments that you may want to consider:

  • Main Compartment: This compartment of the backpack should be spacious enough to hold textbooks, notebooks and other large items you need for school.
  • Laptop Compartment: If you need to carry a laptop or tablet for school, look for a backpack with a padded laptop compartment. This compartment should be large enough to hold your device securely and protect it from impact.
  • Front Pocket: For many, the front pocket is an essential feature for storing items that you need to access quickly such as your phone, keys or wallet. The front pocket should be easily accessible and ideally have a zipper to keep your items secure.
  • Side Pockets: These types of pockets are ideal for carrying items such as water bottles, snacks or an umbrella. Look for side pockets that are deep and secure with an elastic or adjustable strap to keep your items from falling out.
  • Organizer Pockets: An organizer pocket is an excellent feature for keeping small items such as pens, pencils and highlighters organized and easy to access.
  • Hidden Pockets: Some backpacks have hidden pockets that are ideal for storing valuable items such as a passport or wallet. These pockets are usually located in the back or the bottom of the backpack and are designed to be discreet and secure.

Ease of cleaning

Ease of cleaning is probably – based on my experience with my own kids – one of the most important aspects of a school bag. We discussed above the importance of durability due to the hard time a school bag gets. This constant dropping, banging, dragging and throwing also makes a bag dirty.

Hence, look for a backpack made of materials that can be easily cleaned and will withstand the use of detergents, mold cleaners and even a run through the washing machine. Not to mention the old scented spray to remove that ‘school smell’ as well.


Other potential additions include:

  1. Water bottle holder: Some backpacks come with a designated water bottle holder or handle, which can be convenient for keeping your water bottle easily accessible and preventing leaks or spills.
  2. USB charging port: Some backpacks come with a built-in USB port, which can allow you to charge your phone or other devices on the go . This can be convenient if you have a long commute or if you need to stay connected to your phone or other devices throughout the day. Note: you will need a power bank for this as well.
  3. Zippers: The quality and durability of zippers can greatly impact the functionality and longevity of a backpack. It is important to look for backpacks with high-quality zippers that are easy to open and close and that can withstand frequent use. Good zippers also add to increased security as well.


What should I consider when choosing a school backpack?

Choosing a school backpack requires careful consideration of several factors. First, the backpack should be spacious enough to accommodate all school essentials, including books, notebooks, a laptop and stationery. It should also have different compartments to help organize these items. Secondly, durability is a major concern and it should be made from high-quality materials to withstand the daily rigors of school life. Thirdly, look for a backpack with padded, adjustable straps that distribute weight evenly across the shoulders.

Are there any special features I should look for in a school backpack?

Look for backpacks with a padded compartment for laptops or tablets to protect them from damage. Some backpacks offer water-resistant or waterproof materials, which are great for protecting books and electronics from rain or spills. Additionally, some backpacks feature an external USB charging port that allows you to charge your devices on the go. Reflective strips for safety during low light conditions, breathable back panel for comfort, and a sturdy handle for easy lifting are other useful features to look for in a school backpack.

My Three Recommendations Broken Down

So based on the information above and my own experience, I recommend the following options:

1. Abshoo Classical Basic Backpack For School

This backpack is designed to meet the demands of modern-day students who need to carry their essential items in a comfortable and stylish way. With its water-resistant polyester construction, this backpack is built to last and withstand even the toughest conditions. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Abshoo
  • Material: Waterproof polyester
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Pockets: 4 zippered pockets and two side compartments
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 5.3 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

Other inclusions:

  • Water-resistant
  • 12-month warranty
  • Comes in 23 different colors

Why have I chosen it?

This backpack is not only durable but also lightweight, thanks to its high-quality polyester material with a polyester lining that adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings, keeping them safe from any damage. With its spacious interior and multiple pockets, you can carry all your daily essentials including your books, laptop and snacks.

The tear resistant straps and back are padded for extra comfort ad the polyester material is easily cleaned as well.

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2. Matein Laptop Backpack For School

Second on my list is a solid and durable backpack that offers a variety of useful features such as a laptop section and USB charging port. It is made of water resistant and durable polyester fabric – meaning it is also easy to clean – with metal zippers. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Matein
  • Material: Waterproof polyester
  • Capacity: 20 – 35L
  • Pockets: 4 zippered pockets and two side compartments
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 7.8  inches
  • Weight: 1.56 pounds

Other inclusionss:

  • USB port
  • Ventilated padding
  • Multi-pocket system

Why have I chosen it?

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack offers plenty of storage space including a separate compartment to hold a 15.6-inch laptop as well as 13, 14 and 15-inch laptops. The spacious packing compartment is perfect for storing daily necessities and tech accessories and the front compartment has several pockets, pen holders and a key fob hook to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

The backpack is designed with your comfort and support in mind with soft padded back panel and thick ventilated padding provide maximum back support, while the breathable and adjustable shoulder straps relieve the stress on your shoulders as well.

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3. JanSport Big Student Backpack

With over 35 colors, prints, and patterns to choose from, this last backpack is perfect for boys, girls, and college students. Whether you’re heading to school or college, this one will do you well with  extra-large carrying capacity, 2 large main compartments and a dedicated 15-inch padded laptop sleeve. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: JanSport
  • Material: Durable recycled materials
  • Capacity: 34L
  • Pockets: 4 zippered pockets and two side compartments
  • Dimensions: 13 x 17.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1.38 pounds

Other inclusions:

  • Water bottle pocket
  • Multi-pocket system
  • Available in 35 colors

Why have I chosen this?

The JanSport Big Student Backpack has an extra-large carrying capacity with 2 large main compartments and a dedicated 15-inch padded laptop sleeve meaning you can easily pack all your essentials including your laptop, books and binders. There is also a side water bottle pocket, a front utility pocket, a pleated front stash pocket and a zippered front stash pocket so you can easily store and organize all your essentials, including your phone, keys, pens and more.

Designed with ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps and a fully padded back panel, you can carry your computer and books with ease all day long and the backpack also features a sturdy web haul handle for easy carrying as well.

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There they are, my three best backpacks for school. As usual,  let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, or corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time.

Have fun


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