Zootopia Backpacks

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Zootopia Backpacks

11/27/2023 06:12 am GMT

Outline of Zootopia

Zootopia” is set in a vibrant metropolis where animals of all species coexist harmoniously. The story centers on Judy Hopps, a small bunny with dreams of becoming a police officer in a city dominated by larger animals. Despite facing skepticism and prejudice, Judy graduates from the police academy and joins the Zootopia Police Department. She’s initially assigned to parking duty but quickly stumbles upon a mystery involving missing animals.

Judy teams up with Nick Wilde, a sly fox and small-time con artist, to crack the case. Their investigation takes them through various districts of Zootopia, revealing a conspiracy involving a serum that temporarily reverts predators into their primal, savage states. This discovery challenges the city’s unity, causing fear and prejudice to resurface.

As Judy and Nick delve deeper into the case, they face danger and discrimination, but their determination ultimately leads them to the culprit: Assistant Mayor Bellwether, a seemingly mild-mannered sheep who sought to manipulate public opinion and maintain the status quo.

With the truth exposed, Zootopia begins to heal its divisions, and Judy realizes the importance of fighting stereotypes and prejudice. She and Nick become close friends and partners, working together to promote understanding and harmony among all animals in the city.

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